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About the Department

The Animal Science Department is one of the six departments in the School of Agriculture that is fully engaged in Teaching, Research and Extension services as mandated by the university. The department is endowed with a full staff complement in all the various disciplines such as Animal Health, Nutrition, Production, Breeding and Reproduction. Teaching and research facilities in the department include three laboratory facilities in the area of animal health, nutrition and breeding and reproduction, cattle ranch, goat pen piggery, bull stud and poultry facility. Study programmes in the department include MSc Animal Science, BSc. (Hons) Animal Science, HD in Agriculture (Livestock Option). Programmes introduced recently include the BSc Animal Health and Production and Higher Diploma in Animal Health. Outreach activities include periodic vaccination programmes for small ruminants and chicken in collaboration with MAFFS and NGOs. Staff are engaged in a number of activities in promoting animal welfare participating in Rabies awareness campaigns, One Health, etc.

Departmental vision

Our vision is to establish a center of excellence that provides the necessary expertise and skills in teaching, research and extension services in improving livestock production and productivity, as well as increase the competitiveness of the livestock sector in the country’s economic growth and development.

Departmental mission

The mission of the Animal Science Department is to provide high-quality, relevant education and training for undergraduate and graduate students; to develop new knowledge through research in selected areas to improve efficiency and sustainability of animal agriculture, to disseminate relevant research-based knowledge to a varied clientele for problem solving, enhancing food system productivity, and improving quality of life; and to deliver educational programs addressing current and potential public concerns pertaining to animal agriculture in the nation and the world.

Current goals

  1. Enhance the Department of Animal Science’s image among stakeholders by effectively communicating teaching, research and extension activities and achievements as they relate to the department’s overall vision and mission.
  2. Develop effective, goal-oriented research and extension programs.
  3. Attain appropriate and modern facilities to adequately support research, teaching and extension programs in animal science.
  4. Enhance the effectiveness of undergraduate and graduate education programs to better prepare students for careers in the animal sciences and related field.

Programmes offered

HD in Animal Health and Production

BSc. Animal Health and Production

MSc. Animal Science Specializing in:

  1. Animal Nutrition
  2. Animal Breeding and Reproductive Physiology
  3. Ruminant Production
  4. Pig and Poultry Production

Production and teaching/research facilities

Commercial Chicken and Pig Production Unit (APD)

15-hectare Cattle ranch

Goat Pen

Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Animal Nutrition Laboratory

Animal Breeding and Reproduction Laboratory

Organic Local Chicken Production Unit

Bull Stud