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Application Procedure

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Have you considered applying to Njala University in Sierra Leone, one of the best popular academic study destinations in Sierra Leone?

If the answer is yes, we have created an easy to use and extensive guide with key information that will help you successfully get through the application process.

Degree programs

Prepare to apply

1. Make sure you choose the right degree.  Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmmes are very specialised, answering diverse student interests.

2. Click on the link below to download doth undergraduate and postgraduate programmmes with campuses, schools and departments. DOWNLOAD PROGRAMMES

3. Take into consideration course tuition fees:

 Click on the link to view the tuition fees for the various programmmes.

Tuition and Fees | Njala University

4. Check the university entry requirements

      Postgraduate Entry Requirement CLICK HERE

      Undergraduate Entry Requirement CLICK HERE

Where to apply

All applications for Undergraduate programmes are submitted using the Njala University application websites. The university will only accept your application through the Njala University Application system.

Follow these easy steps to apply through Njala University Application System:

  • Buy pin from the Sierra Leone Commercial Banks
  • At the top menu of the University website:, Go to “ADMISSION‟ and click on “Apply for admission online” access the University Admissions Portal:
  • Click on the download button below to download application process flow manual

Undergraduate students

You must start with knowing the Admission Requirements, which identify documents you need for the fulfilment of the requirements.

Additional information is provided including the step-by-step instructions to help you get through. You must obtain all the documents needed as preparation to start your online application processing:

Please ensure that you have electronic (scanned/PDF/JPEG) versions of the following documents before starting the application inputting process:

(a) Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of age

(b) Certificate(s) of WASSCE or GCE O’ Level

(c) School leaving Testimonial

(d) one passport size photo of yourself

(e) payment slip saved in pen drive for uploading

Note: All file should be in kilobytes not in megabytes.

You can save your application and return to it as many times as you like before submitting the final version.

Postgraduate students

1. Future Master’s and PhD students can apply directly to Njala University Application website. PhD and MPhil degrees allow you to send your application throughout the year, but Master’s courses have specific deadlines. It is best to contact the university to find out specific details about the graduate application process.

2. Apply via the application portal. You can fill in all your details online and scan and upload any required documents such as a copy of your passport photo, transcript, birth certificates, research proposal, and previous Bachelor’s degree certificates or Master’s degree Certificates in the case of a PhD programme.

3. For PhD programmes, applicants are usually expected to also choose a suitable supervisor from the

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